2018 Vehicles

1950 Mike Dawes LUC204 AEC RF RF4 picture Robert Tingey Digital Images of Vintage transport,
1951 Towlers EJD 510 Bedford SB James picture
Framed and mounted prints
1952 Richard Gilbert MXX 421 AEC Regal IV RF444 picture Alexander Walker Military, Rail, Transport & Travel books.
1953 Chris Dobbing MXX 317 Guy Special GS17 picture
DVDs, collectables & die cast models
1953 Charlie Young NLE 981 AEC RT RT4317 picture

1959 Rob Duker VLT 7 AEC RM RM7 picture

1960 Chris Dobbing VLT 238 AEC RM RM238 picture

1960 Chris Dobbing KVS 601 AEC RM RM471 picture

1962 Carl and Amanda 497CLT AEC RMC RMC1497 picture

1962 David Hutchinson NAT766A Daimler CVG6

1965 Colin Tennant CUV180C AEC RM RM2180 picture

1965 Chris Dobbing CUV213C AEC RM RM2213 picture

1966 Mark Allin JJD391D AEC RML RML2391 picture

1968 Howrad Goslland TMM907F Ford Transit truck

1971 Tim Phillips EUU117J AEC Reliance Plaxton C28C Lady Sarah picture

1974 Bryan Sharpe NNN7M Bristol RE 7 picture

1974 Dave Hales GCL349N Bristol RELH RLE747 picture

1974 Steve Kirk HTA844N Leyland National Mk1 2813 picture

1976 Graham Lord MBE613R Leyland Fleetline Roe Park Royal 113 picture

1982 Tim Phillips LFT 5X Leyland Tiger Plaxton Supreme Mary picture

1990 Mel Holley B20 DDR VEB Trabant

1992 William Lawson K760DAO Volvo B10M

1995 William Lawson M129PRA Volvo B10M

1995 Jake Hemmaway 7289 DD Volvo B10M Van Hool

1995 Grettons Coaches M260 TAK Scania K93 CRB Van Hool Alizee C53F